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Who is Susanna Morley?

Member of Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology,  holds a Grad Dip in Food Science and Technology from Curtin University , has run catering businesses in London and worked in Perth for Comestibles and Don Hancey. Her speciality was backstage catering for music shows and can occasionally be coaxed back in her role of backstage Rider specialist.


She attends as many Professional Development training courses as possible and networks with Federal, State and Regional government agencies to keep focussed on the bigger picture opportunities for Western Australia’s FANTASTI food and beverage entrepreneurs and farmers. Susanna also delivers presentations on technical agri-food issues across WA


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Case Studies:


Two entrepreneurs hatched an idea to nourish new parents and their kids with the same range of healthy, delicious products using local ingredients and nutritional science. A Scope Report mapped out the steps required to take a product to market – the highs, the lows, the possibilities and the pitfalls – so they could take stock of their project and plan their next move.


When artisanal charcutiers Poach Pear needed to deliver their premium quality products to the export and national market they contacted Grow Consultancy. A greater distribution reach requires a greater shelf life promise. We worked together to find a safe, reliable preservation technique that hit the shelf life targets without compromising the excellent sensory qualities that make Poach Pear products famous.


Bee Lane smoked tomatoes top every foodie’s wish list. Production methods needed a boost to increase output and firm up the process without compromising on the product’s integrity. We worked closely with owner Bronwyn Lane on every step of the procedure to ensure efficiency, safety and reproducability. Now she can allocate more time working on promoting her business and less time in the smoke house.

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