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Using a Contract Manufacturer – is it the right for your product?

WHAT? a food or beverage factory that offers its production and packaging facilities to other businesses.   WHO? often a factory that has invested in up to date equipment and technology and is looking for a return on that investment.   WHY? would you consider using a contract manufacturer? If you do not own a food or beverage factory yourself or if your new product needs a particular kind of technical or packaging process that you can’t fit in your budget. For example, High Pressure Processing for beverages or nitrogen flush packaging for snack foods.   WHEN? should you start thinking about using a contract manufacturer?

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01 July
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Is there TMI on your product’s label?

Labels perform three functions on your food or beverage product 1. They call out to your customer, identifying the product, proclaiming value propositions and influencing buying decisions   2. They foster brand loyalty and trust so the consumer will purchase them again and again.   3. They comply with mandatory legal requirements about your product.   When it comes to the last function you don’t have a lot of choice as you must comply with your country’s Food Codes or Standards, and rightly so as the consumer needs honesty. However, the voices you use for the other two are entirely up to you. Take time to consider

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30 June
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Angelina’s Biscotti

By focusing on a small range Angelina Mariani can reproduce the supremely high quality of her product time and time again. You will find These exquisite edible baubles on the counters of the best delicatessens in Western Australia. People on the way to morning tea or who want to drop a bomb of sweet decadence in to a dreary party-plan evening snatch up her products and present them to their hosts with well-deserved kudos. On bright Autumn day I pay a visit to Angelina's Biscotti factory. A sea of blue-tiled villa rooves is dotted with mature fig trees, stucco verandahs and older

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28 June
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Prodcuct development – always aim to provide a solution to a problem.

Food and beverage businesses are constantly urged to be innovative, creative and disruptive. The reality is, very, very few completely original food or beverage products are launched – almost all of them are riffs on old recipes or products that have been in the market for decades. True innovation provides a solution to a problem faced by the consumer. Sometimes you may have a problem of excess stock or a bumper harvest, but for long term goals you should set your sights on solving consumer issues. For a chance of long-term success in the market place look at developing innovative

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27 June