Food and beverage product labelling for the Australian Market – our services

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You may have the distributor, the product formulation and the import regulations sorted out for your new business venture in to the Australian market place – but what about the information on the labels?




The mandatory requirements for food product labelling at retail sale are very important for imported products. The requirements of the Standard of the Food Act Australia and New Zealand do not always give up their secrets easily it can be time consuming to match them to your product range. That is where we can help.


We review your product label information including the nutritional information panel, the ingredient list, the allergen declarations, the warning statements, any health or nutrient claims you may wish to leverage and country of origin labelling standards and guide you through the mysterious twists and turns of the Standards of the Food Act and help you achieve compliance.


Can you make the same types of health claims here in Australia that apply in your region? This will depend on the level of claim and the precise formulation of your product – let us guide you.


Do you need to list every single ingredient? Some food additives must be listed by law, some must not, let us guide you.


Are your characterising ingredients listed in the correct ratio? Let us guide you?


We use your accurate data on your signed off product and advise you on how to achieve compliance with the labelling laws and mandatory requirements in Australia. You apply those to your product labels, we review your artwork, you send it off to the printer and you are one step closer to success in the Australian market.


Get in touch now to find out which service package suits your food and beverage product labelling review needs for entrance to the Australian market.