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If you appreciate the savoury pastry arts and live in Western Australia, chances are you have enjoyed at least one of The Wholefood Bakery’s forty-plus varieties of pies, pasties, turnovers, rolls and quiches.



Owner Phil Davis and his team cook from scratch each day to delis, corner stores, cafes and caterers right across the state.


Pastry products are vital to the Australian food landscape and everyone, from truckie to tradie, from soccer mum to society hostess or even one of the Prime Ministers, needs access to a high quality and varied supply. Seriously.



In the winter of 2018, Phil was ready to refresh the branding for the ever-popular family-size packaged pies and quiches range. He lined up his ducks:

  • graphic design – check,
  • food photography-check,
  • costings – check,
  • flavour and texture – a big fat delicious check.


However, Phil needed a hand getting the labelling information into shape to meet the compliance requirements of the Australian Food Standards Code. In particular the newly introduced and slightly scary Country of Original Labelling information.  So, he called Grow Consultancy.


Getting control of the data

Once a tight confidentiality agreement was in place, we worked closely with Phil’s staff in The Wholefood Bakery kitchen, the procurement department and also the graphic design team to develop a complete database  for  the Family Pie and Quiche range: We organised


  • all the input ingredients
  • all the recipes
  • all input ingredient product information sheets
  • all the yields, and changes in weight during baking
  • all the nutritional information
  • all the component recipes
  • all the characterising ingredient percentages
  • all the country of origin labelling
  • all the allergen declarations
  • and the country of origin labelling

across the Family Pie and Quiche ranges


Phil decided to bring all the other product ranges in the business across to the database while he was at it. We generated a complete database for the retail products and also the bare, unpackaged products The Wholefood Bakery sells at wholesale.


Why bother with both?



Under the requirements of  Standard 1.2.1 of the Food Standards Code,  any customer can expect to request and be provided witha great deal of information about an unpackaged, ready to heat or eat, deli counter item. Just because the curry beef pie or mushroom turnover is not pre-packaged doesn’t mean the customer is on their own when it comes to making buying decisions, such as:

Remember, if your business supplies a retailer at wholesale, you also need to supply most of the same information you would on a packaged item. This is your responsibility as a food business.




Giving an using the service – my story

Last week I had an early start with back-to-back meetings and no time for lunch – most of us who work in the food industry have plenty of days like that, it’s not all free samples and long lunches.

Hangry and still under the pump, I decided to fight off the three thirty crash with a spinach and cheese roll encased in golden, tender pastry from my local Good Grocer store.


I was delighted to find their deli counter stocked with pretty much the complete range of The Wholefood Bakery’s tempting range. I knew first-habd what care and attention went in to baking the range and that there were healthy choices to be made.


I also knew that I could check the fat content, the allergens present and even the percentage of Australian ingredients before snatching it from the deli counter staff and biting in to the crispy, flaky pastry and deliciously savoury filling on the way to the cash desk. Hangry though I was, I remembered my manners and stepped outside the shop door before digging in.




What began as supporting information for the graphic design team’s brand refresh turned in to a complete, verified, comprehensive data base of all the ingredient, recipe and process information for every single one of The Wholefood Bakery’s forty-plus pastry products and rice ball the range.


In this Masterfile of information Phil and his team have a formatted data base that they can use to simply slot in new product recipes in the various fields and use in-built formulae to calculate values and generate accurate labels. The Wholefood Bakery team can innovate and expand, confident in the knowledge they are in complete control of all their labelling information going forward.


“Grow Consultancy interpreted our systems and recipes and turned them in to the right information in the right format that we need to provide as retailer and wholesaler. Together we got the job done.”  – Phil Davis, Manager, The Wholefood Bakery, Perth.


Get in touch with Grow Consultancy for all your food and beverage product labelling requirements and to get full control of your recipes, processes and product data.




Susanna Morley-Wong

Principal consultant