Case Studies

Since 2015 Grow Consultancy has supported many  start-up experiences,  guided small businesses and offered consultancy services to distinguished brands.

Scope Report

Two entrepreneurs hatched an idea to nourish new parents and their kids with the same range of healthy, delicious products using local ingredients and nutritional science. A Scope Report mapped out the steps required to take a product to market – the highs, the lows, the possibilities and the pitfalls – so they could take stock of their project and plan their next move.

Scaling Up & Process

Bee Lane smoked tomatoes top every foodie’s wish list. Production methods needed a boost to increase output and firm up the process without compromising on the product’s integrity. We worked closely with owner Bronwyn Lane on every step of the procedure to ensure efficiency, safety and reproducability. Now she can allocate more time working on promoting her business and less time in the smoke house.

Labelling Review

Fresh Produce Alliance (FPA) used innovative preservation technology and the bountiful fresh produce of Western Australia to launch Truu, a range of blended juices. Development took almost two years and very big bucks because everything had to be right before launching country-wide and into Asia. FPA and fresh product marketing guru Lisa Cork brought in Grow Consultancy to proof read the labelling for the entire product range to deliver truthful, accurate, attractive and most importantly legally compliant  information. When a company is about to press print on over 200,000 labels, they have to be spot on.

Product Development – hitting nutritional targets by recipe reformulation

A food factory took on a project to contract manufacture a range of ready to eat meals devised by a well known chef. The aim was to deliver specific doses of protein, fat and carbohydrate in each meal in the product range. However, the what tasted great in the test kitchen did not translate to the promised targets on the Nutritional Information Panels (NIP). To ensure legal compliance and honour the value proposition to the customer Grow Consultancy reformulated the chef’s recipes and re-calculated the average values on the NIP and created cost efficiencies for the contract.

Food Safety Review – getting it right in a remote region

“A Food Safety Program (FSP) is the how-to guide to complying with processing, safety and hygiene requirements of the Food Act (2008). Environmental Health departments it as the benchmark for good manufacturing practices. A FSP gives businesses control of their premises, processes and procedures – from whose turn it is to clean the cool room to mitigating food safety risks and training staff.  A FSP  is the supporting program for any HACCP plan. When power-entrepreneur Chris Higham of Homestead Hampers in The Gascoyne wanted to take her goat pie and camp oven meal packs to market she called Grow to deliver a comprehensive FSP. Working in a remote region in she needed to gain control of every aspect of her food production business and provide staff with a complete manual so production could be guaranteed while she was 100kms at the markets.  HELP?