Who is Susanna Morley

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I have over twenty years experience in the food industry in the UK and Australia. I ran catering businesses in London specialising in servicing the music recording industry and continued to cater when I arrived in Perth in 2004. I worked for Comestibles and WA Food Ambassador, Don Hancey and learned a tremendous amount about the simply amazing  food and beverage resources in Western Australia.


Eventually, I started to find what was happening outside the edges of the plate – the food value-chain – more and more interesting. I re-trained 2011 and qualified from Curtin University with a graduate diploma in Food Science and Technology. I worked in a large food manufacturing company as a New Product Development Chef and Food Technologist before deciding there was more to be achieved by working with the wealth of food and beverage entrepreneurs all across Western Australia. Grow Consultancy WA began in May 2015.


I am a member of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology and a board member of the NFP hospitality industry education program Prepare, Produce, Provide.


I keep a very close eye on global Agri-food and beverage trends by visiting trade shows and conferences.

Recent trips include:

Fine Food Australia, Melbourne

International Food Exhibition, London

Future Protein Forum, London


I  present to the agri-food sector on Value Adding to diversify on-farm revenue streams and on Future Protein processes and possibilities. My next appearance is at the Southern Dirt Techspro Conference in Kataning, WA.

Previous presentations include

May 17  Protein production possibilities for the Southwest Science Council and Australian Agricultural Institute’s conference.

July 16 Value adding opportunities for the Southern Seeds Program, Manjimp.


I attend as many professional development training courses and technical food industry conferences as possible. I network with Federal, State and Regional government agencies to keep focussed on the bigger picture opportunities for Western Australia’s exciting. food and beverage entrepreneurs and farmers.

Courses recently attended include:

AIFST technical seminar on Eggs and salmonella risks 

AIFST and CSIRO course on Practical Packaging Developments


I write a hobby food science blog as Crackling. where I explore food science news and issues and interview food industry players.


Follow my Crackling Instagram account to find out what WA’s chefs and producers are up to and occasionally what I’ve had for dinner.


Long ago, before digital cameras and shameless selfies, my media presence was limited to the Camden Chronicle. The stories I could tell …