Commercial Strategy Support – Category Research

We look at your target product category from every angle so you can evaluate your product’s best chances of successful sales.

For Brand Owners

You may have designed your product to drive profit in to a specific category for your wholesale customers. Now it is time to extend your range. Will your Innovation

  • Be accepted by the consumer and the customer? Is it Too Much or Not Enough or does it need to be put elsewhere?
  • Divert revenue and attention from your core product?
  • Make a profit for you and for your customer? No one is going to range your new product as a favour, it has to bring growth to the category in store.

For Distributors and Wholesalers

You always have your eyes on innovators and disruptors in your most profitable categories. Will that range of European Snacks be the product that opens up new customers for your business or will you be sitting on stock?

We can research

  • In multiple global markets – desktop research and also on the ground. See our Postcards section for our best travelled regions
  • The pros and cons of various brand formats
  • The trends coming up and the has-beens going out.
Case Study 1

Situation: Despite a thriving Instagram account and heaps of positive consumer interaction an artisanal producer of a unique and versatile condiment had trouble with unit sales in independent grocers.

Because this was truly nothing else like this product on the market we went in store and looked at

  • Where it was placed – physically
  • Which category managers had the best sales rate and why
  • How consumers knew how to use it – on pack messaging

Solution: The key gap in the commercial strategy was Education for the Category Manager: they simply weren’t sure where to range the product – by the cheese or the crackers? It might sound like a small questions or the blinking obvious, but category managers are busy people and appreciate having the guess work taken out of ranging products. We worked with the client to

  • balance their in store commercial strategy between showing samples to consumers and training category managers on the best place to range the product
  • feature that information front and centre in the Sales Sheet
  • build in new usage instructions for the next label print run.