Commercial Strategy Support – Import / Export Preparation

We use our expertise and experience to look out for obstacles and constraints so you team can focus on the sales strategy.



Distributors and Wholesales

  • your category research piece is complete
  • everyone on your team agrees the trade show samples are delicious
  • your freight logistics partner is getting the quote ready for a 40 footer.

The big question is, is the brand compliant with your territory’s importing regulations for this product category?
Even if your ideal products are category disruptors and you have exclusive distribution rights, no body wants any kind of dispruption at the port. All paperwork must comply with a range of regulations if your product is to clear customs.

We look at your territory’s authority importing regulations around

  • product safety in its category – not all egg noodles are equal, and your authority may move the goal posts monthly
  • compliant labelling formats – does someone need to apply stickers to every single SKU?
  • traceability verfication in the supply chain – does the magic ingredient come from an approved facility?

We work very closely with every stakeholder and every set of regulations along the supply chain and give you a thorough report on if and how your target products are going to make it on to the truck. We can even fill out the forms. There are always a lot of forms.



If you have your domestic commercial strategy sorted out, you may be considering an export strategy this year. It could triple your work and worry load, but could it triple your profits in the long run?

There are a lot questions to ask, and a lot of objective, expert answers to give. That’s where we come in.

When it’s all about YOU

Working with your team we will facilitate a workshop over two half days to ask those questions and review the answers.

Questions include

  • what migh the hidden costs be? For example regulatory auditing, changing your premises layout
  • is your packaging up to standard? – is the climate of your target market more humid? Do we need to protect your product’s quality?
  • should you go with a consolidator or distributor or direct to market?
  • do you have the skills and capacity to meet export conditions?
  • what advantages, such as FTAs, can you get behind?
  • Is a grant right for you? Terms and conditions and certainly costs will apply,

We deliver a thorough report so your team can get make decisions effectively.

When it’s all about the right Export Market

As well as conductingn desk top research on commercial trends, We visit a lot of markets around the world, often. We spend a lot of time

  • talking to our distribution and category experts
  • in store and scanning the shelves for trends and
  • in store observing consumer habits and purchasing triggers

It is likely we are visiting or have visited your target market recently. See our Postcard Sections. The 2024 schedule includes

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • UK
  • Indonesia.

We listen to your export market strategy and work wiht you to develop a comprehensive program of research ensure we bring back the data that will help your team make informed commercial strategy decisions.

Bespoke Export Concierge Service

We can take your brand in to selected markets in selected territories. We use our carefully built up connections and expert research on commercial strategies and consumer and customer habits to get your brand in front of the right stakeholders.

This is a service that we agree upon together so we are sure we are both a good fit.

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