Commercial Strategy Support – Upscaling Studies

We evaluate processing systems, capacity and capabilities to see if you could bring on new revenue at a faster rate than you would incur more costs.

Just because you could, does not mean you should.

As a food, feed or beverage business owner you are going to get a lot of grants dangled your way. Some for cap ex (though rarely), some for feasbilities studies, some for R and D. Most will be match funded and ask for a significant slice of any IP.

Our Upscaling Study service lets you set the

  • pace
  • budget
  • specific research targets
  • quantity and quality of information you share with any funding organisations
  • objectivity and impartiality of the research service.

We look at any and all aspects of your business and match your capacity and capabilities with your commercial strategy targets.

We share any potential improvements we can spot along the way such as

  • increased processing efficiency tips – would contract manufacturing help you reach your targets more quickly and with less risk?
  • any regulatory red flags or switches coming up that you need to know about – is your product category still viable in its current format?
  • different options to consider on your route to market – is consolidating distribution a better use of your resources?

We may even recommend you apply for grant funding.

This service is for businesses with at least three years of trading data and a solid commercial strategy in place.

It is a value-based service and price is upon application.

Case Study

A primary producer had a successful, branded value-added business. The quality of the product was so high she was fighting off enquires from wholesale customers in the domestic and overseas market.

Query 1: Did this business owner have the capacity and capability to upscale to meet sales enquiries safely, at the right quality and at a competitive price?

Query 2: As a regional business, grants were dangled regularly. Should she apply for the grant with all its Ts & Cs private investment give her more control

Solution: We had worked with this client since her first kitchen bench batch and had a very good understanding of her values, mission and capacity.
We acted as a sounding board for all her queries as she networked, looked at equipment, positioned her brand and trained her staff.

The client is about to sign national distribution deals with wholesale customers and her first export client in SE Asian. The wraps are off the new automated machinery, the HACCP based FSP is in place, the booth at the major food service trade show is booked and the staff are fully trained and motivated.