Food Safety and Quality Management – Outsourced Quality Assurance Team

We act as your Quality Assurance Team and keep your Food Safety & Quality Management Plan on the right tracks so you can focus on production and sales.

You have invested time and money on implementing your FSP. Don’t let that go to waste by not taking the Quality Assurance Management aspect seriously.

Someone has to bring it to life by

  • verifying your monitoring activities – check the boxes have been checked every time and if not find out why
  • run the system – including Document Version Management, all the HACCP protocols around Non-Conformance Reports, Corrective Action Reports, Internal Audits, Staff Skills Gap Analysis, Mock Product Recalls 0 the list is very long
  • make sure your staff uphold the required standards of Food Safety and Quality at all times – check PPE is worn, chase up reports and occasionally be your Bad Cop.

To be frank, for most business owners this role can be a little dry and not so much fun as creating your artisanal product or meeting with buyers (no disrespect intended to qualified FSQ Professionals, some of our best friends are qualified FSQ Professionals).

Usually, we offer this service to Clients for whom we have already written an FSP or Prepared for Audit.
It is fairly straightforward for us to slot right in and get this important work done. However, we can also review your current plan and requirements and see if we are going to be a good fit for each other.

We don’t want to be your permanent QA, you need to demonstrate your commitment to your FSP and make space for a permanent person in that role as your business grows, but we can certainly help you out for a year or so. We can also train the new comer.

Price on application. As a basic guide, the minimum fee for this service is the value of one day per month for one year.