Food Safety and Quality Management – Getting you ready for an Audit

We get your FSP ready for Audit for certification of your choice.

Your commercial strategy might call for your busines to get some authorised cerftication around

  • Food Safety and Quality, Standards, for example HACCP, ISO or SQF or
  • Industry or Private Organisation Standards of Quality, for example Feedsafe, Organic, Gluten Free, Halal.

We take a very good look at your current plan and

  • identify the gaps based on the Auditor’s requirements – for example are your staff trained to identify Haram from Halal practices? Arecommend solutions to fill those gaps – we can deliver training, recommend training or we-write sections to meet requirements
  • help you implement the solutions to the gaps – from new protocols to triple checking your supplier’s credentials
  • lead your team in an Internal Audit/Management Reivew.

We support you through the audit from

  • submitting your applicaiton
  • acting as your Quality Assurance Manger during the Audit
  • just being on the end of the phone

This is a value-based service. As a guide, a prices begin at $2500 + GST for businesses that have a verified, implemented FSP already in place. Prices and timeframes depend on many factors so get in touch for an estimate based on your needs.

Case Study 1

Query: We are exhibiting at Gulf Foods and want to try for Halal Certification to increase our appeal to wholesale customers in that region. Can you look at our HACCP plan and fill in the gaps?

Answer: Absolutely we can.

Case Study 2

Query: We are not the usual type of food business and just a small team. Our biggest customer is selling in to a supermarket that needs all stages in their process to have HACCP certification, can you help

Answer: Absolutely we can.

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