Food Safety and Quality Management – HACCP based Food Safety Plans

We write your plan and train to you implement it so you can focus on safe production and sales of best quality products.

If you are taking time to plan your business operations and have a serious growth strategy then do not delay your FSP.

Start-ups and small businesses usually get in touch when they realise they need have a FSP in place due to

  • regulatory requirements – for example, a FSP based on the requirements of Standard 3.2.2 (A) of the Food Code ANZ became mandatory right across Australia in December 23
  • customer request – serious distributors, wholesalers or food service customers usually need you to be operating to the same FSQMP standards
  • to retro-fit a significant Food Safety or Quality Breach – something has gone really wrong and they need to get control.

We take a good, long look at your

  • business operations – how you are making sure you are making safe food?
  • products – from your ingredient suppliers to how you deliver to your customers and what the risks of food safety and quality hazards might be
  • team’s attitude to and aptitude for implementing and upholding Food Safety and Quality Standards for your category of product
  • regulatory requirements from your territory/industry Standards or Peak Industry Body.

We write a FSP (FSQMP) tailored for your business based on

  • HACCP Principles
  • Regulatory Requirements for your product category in your territory
  • Best Industry knowledge, practic and techniques

While a FSP always follows a fixed basic structure, we need your team make friends with it, to implement it and use it all the time. The FSP we write for your business operations will be

  • User Friendly
  • Based on your existing Production Manual as far as possible
  • Rolled out as a team effort – we wont’ just drop it on your desk and leave.

Prices and timeframes depend on many factors so get in touch for an estimate based on your needs and product range. A basic FSP for a low risk food business producing up to two types of product starts at $3,5000 + GST.

General FSP templates are usually available from your State or Territory Food Authority or Health Department. You can use these to develop your own Plan. If you are too busy working in or on your business you can outsource this service to us.

Case Study

Query: Can you do our HACCP?

We get this query a lot. HACCP – not the most elegant acronym it has to be said – stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It is a system to analyse the risks of food safety and quality hazards in a business and develop adequate controls. All FSPs that we write are based on HACCP principles, so yes, we can do your HACCP. However, a certificate of HACCP acreditation can only be achieved from a third party, qualified auditor. We can’t very well rubber stamp something we have written or the whole system falls apart. Which is a good thing for Food Safety and Quality standards in our Industry

Solution: We have written HACCP base FSP plans for all kinds of food and feed businesses. Once we understand why you want or need one and where you fit in to your category we can get going. The stages of writing are usually

  • discovery – lots, and we mean a lot, of questions about how you do things
  • a first draft and a discussion with your team that we are accurately representing your processes
  • the Plan plus staff training
  • one Internal Audit with your team to check the FSP is working for your business.

If all your ducks are lined up neatly and you can put your hands on all the information we require, we could turn around a FSP in a month. We recommend you implement it for at least six weeks before we get back together for the Internal Audit. Please book this service with plenty of time available. We do not fast track this service, and nor should you.