Food Safety and Quality Management

fuːd ˈseɪfti ænd ˈkwɒləti

We develop and implement systems so you can produce safe, high quality food that meets mandatory regulations.

Because nobody ever wants to be involved in a Food Product Recall, a serious customer complaint or worst of all, a Public Health Risk.

We know that your business needs a Food Safety & Quality Management Plan in place across all aspects of your business so you can

  • control the risks of hazards to safety and quality – including allergens and sabbotage (this does happen)
  • meet mandatory regulatory requirements
  • signal to your customers and consumers that you take your repsonsibilities as a food business owner seriously
  • reach new markets that require specific FSQ standards that your competitors cannot reach.

Our experts include

  • Qualified and Regualted Food Safety Auditors need an asterisk to the actual qualification or even an image of the certficate
  • Food Safety and Quality Management Plan Authors
  • Experienced industry professionals used to working within strict Food Safety and Quality requirements.

We HEART FSQMPs because they help businesses

  • they demonstrate commitment to their responsibilities
  • support their team to operate at a high level of professionalism
  • get across every single aspect of their business and apply controls – to costs, efficiencies and more
  • sell more product to more customers

These are the most popular FSQM services we provide are

  • Writing Food Safety Plans tailored to your business operations.
  • Getting you ready for an Audit
  • Acting as your out-sourced Quality Assurance Team

Did you know we also work in Feed as well as Food?

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