Food Technology – Food Processing

We can visualise and review your entire process from input ingredients to dispatch so you can produce safely and efficiently.

Processing can be as simple as packing peanuts or as complicated as a 27 step Standard Operating Procedure for freeze dried, ready to heat and eat, multi-pack, keto-friendly cronuts.

No matter the scale or complexity your process must be

  • effective
  • reliable
  • a match to your capacity and capability
  • approved by your local regulatory authority for your category of product

It is likely you will need help with at least one bottle neck, perhaps

  • a pumped filling system for your special condiment or
  • reviewing the pros and cons of automation at the packaging stage or
  • saving costs for crew size and utility input costs.
Case Study

Query: A start-up in health food wanted to sell smoothie supplements in as a tablet – similar to a well known, orange fizzy pick-me up. Could they process in house or was a specialist contract manufacturer the best option?

Solution: We worked closely and candidly to evaluate thethe effectiveness of delivering

  • the magic ingredients in this format
  • likely size of the market for an innovation and the
  • the minimum number of units it would take to get a contract manufacturer to make space in their production schedule.

We drew on our

  • understanding of the full picture process of the intended product format and
  • the ball park cost of the necessary equipment
  • the fit with the Client’s commercial strategy

The conclusion we came to was, Not Yet.

This was a win for the Client, saving them tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of trials. It gave them

  • a deeper understanding of their operational capabilities
  • the confidence to pivot to a simpler format and
  • the best chance of a successful product launch.

We aren’t necessarily going to tell you to Just Do It. We offer expert, impartial advice informed by best industry practces, research and evaluation. The final decision is always yours.

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