Food Technology – Labelling

We work out labels that accurately reflect the properties of your product in the proper regulatory format.

You know how to make your core product range and launch innovations, you don’t have the time to crunch the numbers on the Nutritional Panel and work out the characterising ingredient percentage by SKU size and much, much more. We do.

Whatever territory you are selling in to we can review your product data and supply information for your labels and specification sheets that make your compliant with the local regulatory agency. All we ask is that you have a firm grip on your

  • final formulation
  • food safety and quality system and processing methods
  • sales information such as unit size and intended use
  • your shelf life dates

If you are not quite across these aspects or “pre-launch” head on to the Resource section and join our mailing list for tips and general advice or sign up for a webinar special in this area. Or we can help you do your labels by focussing on these aspects of your business first, because it is a very good place to start.

If you want to leverage health or ingredient claims about your product we can review your onpack and marketing messaging. For example

  • high or low in protein/fibre/vitamins
  • health claims around specific conditions
  • free-froms
Case Study 1: Labels and Spec Sheets for all your products all the time.

Query: Can we run the label and spec sheet data for a busy wholesale bakery that supplies under its own brand and private label, packaged and at wholesale with dozens of new lines every month?

Answer: Absolutely we can. We have been providing this outsourced service for The Whole Food Bakery for quite a while. We worked hard to understand the way they develop and launch products so we can be sure to

  • gather and enter all the relevant data in our bespoke spreadsheet
  • understand their need for clear, simple communication and
  • respond quickly and accurately
Case Study 2: Quick! Need labels now.

Query: Can we check the artwork for a range of new icecream flavours? The designer wants to get to print

Answer: Wow, we would rather get this done before the designer has sent the mock ups, but if a business knows its stuff around formulation, allergen management, unit size and suppliers then YES, we can work with that. This is a premium service because the clock is ticking, just make sure the Boss is on hand to sign off.

Case Study 3: Do these claims stack up with regulatory requirements?

Query: A start up is launching 4 varieties of an ancient herb-powered energy drink. What claims can they make around the magic ingredient?

Answer: It depends. We don’t want you to launch with a set of claims that are not quite right: Nor do we want you to say certain things just because “that’s what everyone else is saying: We do want you to share the benefits of your innovation with the world, though.

For this servcie we will deep dive in to

  • the category of product – is it actually healthy in the first place?
  • what the regulations are in your territory
  • what you can say according to your formulation and intended usage (think dose,
  • concentration, upper limits, evidence based etc).

This service helps businesses drill down on their brand value propositions and market position as well as helping make sure they don’t fall foul of any false claims.