Product Development – Formula Evaluation

We review your formulation and match it to your business, brand and strategic goals.

Times change, costs go up, suppliers fold and competitors come hot on your heels. Can your product formulation keep up?

The most common reasons for this service include

  • regulatory requirements change – your must have magic ingredient is now approved in your territory, is it worth including?
  • your need to review your operating costs and margins
  • your key ingredient is scarce and you need a subsitution
  • your consumers simply want a change
  • it is time to consider an additive or processing aid.

Drawing on experience from large scale manufacture where every decimal point of every cent counts we will evalute your formulation against your objectives and advise on solutions to your problems. We really like a good spreadsheet.

If you do not have your formulation in a good spreadsheet, with

  • input costs
  • suppliers and MOQs
  • input ingredient percentages
  • yields
  • weight tolerances
  • crew size and costs
  • packaging inputs and costs
  • and many more metrics

we can start there.

Case Study

Situation: Allulose, a type of sweetener, recently became approved for use in food manufacturing in Australia, a few years behind the US. The client wanted to evaluate the

  • cost
  • health and
  • brand value benefits of

re-formulating a range of vitamin enriched gummies with allulose.

Solution: We brought on board our Associate Expert Accredited Practising Dietitian and teamed up to thoroughly research all those benefits, measured against the

  • brand value propositions and
  • the regulatory requirements
  • and the processing capacity and capability of the business
  • and the cost of redesigning and printing packaging.

We aren’t necessarily going to tell you to Just Do It. We offer expert, impartial advice informed by best industry practices, research and evaluation. The final decision is always yours.

Contact us to start the conversation.