Product Development – NPD

We apply industry methods and techniques to put your New Product Concept through the Feasibility Stage of Development.

The Scope of your Innovative Concept has been tested and you have made the decision to open the Stage Gate to Feasibilty:
You want to find out

  • if it is do-able – could it become a Real Product?
  • what could it taste like – was the combination of seaweed and custard such a good idea after all?
  • how it would be made – what professional processes are required to make it safely and at a consistent quality ?
  • Would anyone like it – what will the sensory evaulation scores be with the test consumers?
  • Could you afford to make it and still make a profit?
  • Is this a match to your commercial strategy, or your ethical strategy (utilising second grade produce, for example) and does it match your Brand Value Propositions?

The answers a revealed through NPD – New Product Development.

We draw on extensive industry experience to turn the Conceptual Product Brief of your Innovatiion in to useful data so you can make the decision around opening next Stage Gate to Development.

If your team is committed to Development but lacks the time or resources for NPD, we can act as your outsourced NPD department.

We can work with your samples if you have been working away in your own kitchen or we can do the whole thing from scratch in our test kitchen.

We can work on

  • desk-based research and development on formulations, processing methods and packaging format options
  • kitchen trials
  • sensory evaluation with target consumers
  • input ingredient and packaging material sourcing
  • manufacturing scale formulations
  • helping you control your costs based on your target margins

If you press GO on the NPD and move on to your first Line Trial we can supply industry standard

  • formluations
  • process instructions
  • process verification instructions – how to prove you are producing safely
  • train your staff
  • work with your brand and marketing team to position your product effectively (we can supply those experts if you don’t have them on your team)

This is a value-based service. The price varies by project. A ball park figure for basic NPD is $5,000 + GST.

If you are not quite there yet, head over to our Resources page, take a look at our Webinar Schedules, free resources and be sure to join our mailing list for general tips and articles that well help you decide when you are ready for professional NPD service.

Case Study BLACK GARLIC???

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