Product Development – Scope Report

We evaluate your concept and deliver a guide to a realistic development pathway.

We love working with entrepreneurs, they are bursting with ideas aDon;t use nd enthusiasm. Their friends and family will tell them these ideas are “Amazing” and “Awesome”.

We aren’t necessarily going to say Just Do It. We offer expert, impartial advice informed by best industry practces, research and evaluation. The final decision is always down to the Client.

Drawing from our experience in large scale manufacturing we listen to your

  • concept
  • product format idea
  • brand values
  • commercial goals

We test the chances of your idea turning in to a successful product by evaluating

  • potential
  • risks of food safety or quality hazards
  • non compliance with regulatory requirements
  • supply chain pressures
  • processing and production obstacles
  • consumer acceptance

We also take an impartial look at your team’s capacity and capability to

  • produces
  • sell and
  • maintain a serious product in the market

and give you an honest opinion. Just because you are giving out free samples and seem like nice guys does not necessarily mean your product is amazing or awesome.

We deliver The Scope Report and you make up your own mind to take your concept through the four stage gates of Product Development

  • Ideation
  • Feasibility
  • Development
  • Launch

If you do decide to move forward and commit resources and time to develop your idea in to a product you we can work together along the development pathway. If not, you have saved $$$$ on trial, error and you will be freed up to focus on that next special entrepreneur idea that we know you have just bursting to get out.

The basic Scope Report starts at $1750 plus GST. Get in touch to discuss your needs and we can give you an estimate.

Facilitated Scope Report Workshops

If your business has a thriving culture of innovation but not the resources to evaluate those concepts impartially, we can deliver

  • Half day facilitated workshops
  • Individual meeting with stakeholders to gather insights
  • a review of your capabilities and capacity

We deliver a detailed Scope Report in a format that works for your team – video, hard copy, slide deck – and come back for another session to workshop queries and help you get on the right development pathway for your business

Price on application.

Case Study One:

An entrepreneur was keen to fill what he saw as a niche in the market with ready to heat and eat meals made from favourite foods from back home. The target market was migrant workers. He had the authenticity to uphold a strong brand and the foresight to ask an expert before moving past the Concept stage.

We applied our Scope Report lens to every single link in the chain necessary to produce and distribute this category of product, the key links being

  • manufacturing capacity for the specialist production process
  • import restrictions on key ingredients
  • likely unit price compared to flexibility of target consumers price point.


The pathway we suggested was

  • build the brand concept and voice
  • estimate likely volume of sales
  • develop relationships with distributors in to food service
  • work with a contract manufacturer to deliver private lable products


We brought in our Expert Associates in Market Positioning and Thermal Processing for this Scope Report.