Food Safety Review


Whether you are a start-up, already producing or ready to upscale you need to be across food safety. We review your food safety procedures and deliver a Food Safety Program just for you.


This written document indicates how your food business will control the food safety hazards associated with the food handling activities of the business.


Environmental Health Officers are very keen on Food Safety Programs as signposts to how seriously a food business is taking its safety obligations. Food business owners are very keen on Food Safety Programs as staff training tools.


If you are a catering business, a food truck, a kombucha brewer or a granola toaster, your FSP will show you the best practices for all your procedures and processes across your food business.   For example;


  • Your cleaning schedule for premises and equipment.
  • Staff training
  • Protective clothing
  • How to keep food chilled during deliveries and dispatch
  • Safe food handling procedures for cooling and freezing and thawing
  • How to mitigate cross contamination risks
  • Allergen management
  • How to handle food safely at retail, the Farmers Market or Food Truck
  • How to check your shelf life promises are working.
  • How to deliver Safe Food every single time

How we do it


We visit your premises, take a look at the food safety risks in your operations and work with you to compile your Food Safety Program that will work for your business.


We deliver a comprehensive document, electronically and in hard copy so your staff can apply the recommendations every day and your business can produce food safely in accordance with the requirements of the Food Act 2008 and the Food Regulations 2009.


Bespoke, made to measure service, one size does not fit all. Price on application.


We can also zoom in on specific aspects of food safety with one off consultations. To find out if you need a full FSP or a bit of technical and scientific guidance so you can have peace of mind then get in touch today.



Does my business need a FSP by law?

Yes, in WA, you need one if you produce:


  • Food for vulnerable populations such as the elderly, the very young and the sick
  • Seafood products
  • Poultry products
  • Meat products, especially chorizo and salami producers



However, most other States in Australia require FSPs in place for most types of food business. Will that become a requirement in Western Australia? We can’t be sure, but why not get ahead now?

Will a FSP guarantee my business does not get busted by the authorities?

Only you can make sure this doesn’t happen by following and implementing your FSP which includes


  • one hour of staff training
  • all the monitoring forms you need
  • a one hour follow up review after three months so we can make sure everything is working for your business.

Is a Food Safety Program the same thing as HACCP plan?

No, it is not. HACCP is mandatory for certain high-risk food businesses processes including


  • Poultry products
  • Meat products
  • Products for vulnerable populations


However, must have a Food Safety Program in place across your business before developing your HACCP plan.

For small businesses, the service rate starts at $125++ per hour.




Note: Grow Consultancy does not offer a food safety auditing service. Your Food Safety Program is a guiding document. Auditing a food business against the requirements of the Food Act 2008 and the Food Regulations 2009 is at the discretion of authorised officers who may act under direction of the Environmental Health Department of your Local Shire or the Food Unit of your State Government.