Product Development – ingredients

Plenty of passion

A great idea

A lot of hard work



If you have these ingredients already you need Grow Consultancy bring the rest  to the table and work with you to develop a product that people will want to buy, again and again.

The rest of that ingredient list for a successful new product might look something like:


  • Feasibility study
  • Preliminary market research
  • Product benchmark testing
  • Recipe formulation
  • Ingredient procurement
  • Production process advice
  • Production process efficiency analysis
  • Sensory testing
  • Safety and quality systems
  • Achieving price points
  • Packaging design and development
  • Routes to market
  • Launch
  • Review and revision.


That’s a long list, but each ingredient is vital if you are going to make the most of your passion, idea, hard work and your development budget.


If you’re just starting out or extending your existing product range to meet a need with your customers, Grow Consultancy can work with you to develop your idea in to a real product.

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As will all Grow Consultancy services, a Confidentiality Agreement must be in place before work can begin. This protects your business and provides an safe atmosphere to create and advise.


For very small businesses, the rate for this service starts at $125++ per hour. Discounts may be applied for longer projects.