The Scope Report – how it works

The Scope Report is a tool to help you take stock of your capabilities and concepts. The Scope Report signposts the issues you need to address and the steps you need to take before take your new product concept to the commercialisation stage.


We apply our professional opinion and industry experience to explore the should you, could you questions.  You become empowered to answer the would you question.


Why it works


Grow Consultants keep a close eye on what is working in the food and beverage market. We travel to trade shows,  we scan the industry news for the next big thing, the on-trend ideas and potential funding opportunities. If it is happening in the food and beverage space then we are across it.


We have close connections with distributors, retailers, graphic designers, packaging providers and technical specialists. We have hands-on experience in manufacturing,  product development and providing food safety and quality solutions.


Your friends and family taking your free samples will never tell you what they really think of your new concept. We will.

The Scope Report includes:

  • A half hour consultation – face to face, by skype or by phone.
  • A 5000 word report.
  • A half hour follow up consultation.
  • Cost: $945.00. Fifty percent down payment required.
  • A Confidentiality Agreement must be in place before work can begin.
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